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Sustainability is important to Vos Logistics. That is why we strive for a sustainable distribution network in the Benelux area. Your company benefits from increasing efficiency, a smaller carbon footprint and the power of our shared network.

The word ‘sustainable’ has multiple meanings, among which are not overly subject to wear and tear and minimising the environmental impact. These aspects are at the core of our sustainability drive in Benelux distribution.

  • We develop and innovate our existing distribution network, we are ready for the future.
  • We choose strategic locations and look for future-proof solutions.
  • We create self-supporting hubs from where we only operate zero-emission vehicles (hydrogen and/or battery-electric).

To make our sustainability vision become reality, we translated it into a strategic approach, comprising five areas of development: people, network, equipment, collaboration and digitalisation.


Human capital is the flywheel for the transition. We support our people and share knowledge with customers, clients and suppliers. We share not only logistical knowledge, but especially knowledge on charging infrastructure, new technology, energy management and dealing with net congestion and new rules and regulations.

Within our organisation, drivers are crucial, as they have huge impact on our CO2 footprint. For that reason, we actively coach our drivers to positively influence their driving style. Not only does this approach contribute to greater road safety, it also reduces fuel consumption. For electric trucks, that means a larger range.

The transition to zero-emission transport also demands a different way of planning. We coach our planners toward future-proof ways of planning. In this way, we actively engage our drivers and planners to shape our performance towards our vision on sustainable distribution.


As we aim to offer the same service level throughout the Netherlands, we optimise our local presence and invest in our closed distribution network. In just a few years, this network will comprise multiple self-supporting hubs that meet all present and future challenges on energy transition. We are creating several types of hubs:

  • Main hubs: large crossdock centres in strategic locations that form the base of our network.
  • City and regional hubs that function as extensions of our main hubs, located near agglomerations of larger cities and zero-emission zones.
  • ZE truck points: Vos Logistics warehouse locations that exist today, where zero-emission last-mile vehicles are being recharged.

These different types of hubs are preferably realised at existing facilities through sustainable refurbishment, avoiding adding more “boxes” to the already cluttered Dutch landscape.

Enhancing our network in this way serves the following purposes:

  • More efficient distribution through local presence
  • Enhancing consolidation possibilities for shippers toward city centres, yielding:
    • Less congestion through fewer transport movements.
    • Less impact from time restrictions for city centre access.
  • Decreasing the distance to all Dutch zero-emission zones.
  • Operating well within the range of ZE trucks.
  • Doing our part under the Paris Agreement.
  • Minimising demand on local electricity grids by geographically spreading ZE trucks.
  • Supporting a stable electricity grid by equipping distribution hubs with battery solutions.
  • Shorter lead times for clients and suppliers.


Our innovations in equipment are:

  • Expanding the use of HVO synthetic fuel in the short term.
  • Focus on operating battery-electric trucks (BEVs) for distribution activities both in the short and medium terms.
  • Participation in the HyTrucks consortium for the longer term, developing hydrogen-powered trucks and corresponding infrastructure.
  • Installing solar panels on the roofs of our trailers.
  • Developing charging parks for our trucks in the network and sharing them with other transport companies.
  • Participation in the development of Super Eco Combis (SEC).


Working together is the base for logistics services 3.0. The aim is not to only reduce emissions: we are striving to reduce the number of transport movements. We reduce kilometers by collaborating on all levels, both horizontally and vertically.

The foundation for collaboration is trust, a mutual commitment to the same end goal. Vos Logistics opts for open collaboration and we want to facilitate a level playing field. That means that smaller players can connect to our network.

The power of our distribution network is the decoupling of supply chains and consolidating and bundling goods flows toward cities.

Moreover, we believe in sharing knowledge. As a front runner in sustainable logistics, Vos Logistics holds a lot of knowledge on how to shape the energy transition. We organise seminars and talks to take our clients along on our journey.

And lastly, we join in various initiatives toward sustainability, like for example the Lean & Green Community, local councils and various political initiatives.


The digitalisation of processes in our company is a key area of focus. We have multiple reasons to further digitalise our processes and work paperless:

  • Improved and safer storage of data: all data in one location behind adequate firewalls, no more papers lying around.
  • Efficient workflows: digitalisation transforms work to automated processes.
  • Customer friendly: quicker and better reactions to questions from customers.
  • Environmentally friendly: no need for paper and printers.
  • Cost saving: no purchase of paper and ink, lower costs for handling and errors.

Our digitalisation comprises the following technologies:

  • Sign on glass – efficient handling of deliveries on a PDA device.
  • Online POD – using sign on glass, the proof of delivery (POD) is automatically available online.
  • Scanning – scanning all pallets enhances visibility and performance and improves the traceability of shipments in our whole process.
  • Track & trace (development) – full digitalisation allows us to show where goods are at any time.

Do you want to know how Vos Logistics can support your business with sustainable distribution and logistics? Contact our logistics experts.

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A challenge?
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Rianne Schouten
Logistics Expert