Value added services


Outsourcing your supply chain for increased efficiency

The warehousing process offers various possibilities for adding value to your supply chain. By postponing certain processing steps, you can keep your offerings flexible and your stocks low. Our services integrate seamlessly with yours and our warehouses become an extension of your organisation.

Our team of logistics experts is highly experienced in value-added logistics, e.g.: repackaging, labelling, assembly, reparations and building displays. We offer a wide range of additional services for bulk goods too: unpacking, packing and repackaging, drying, straining, blending and homogenising, among others. Our processes are fully automated through professional systems that integrate with your IT. In this way, we have all information on hand in real time while we can follow each step of the process.

We offer efficient, tailor-made logistics solutions that meet your specific requirements. We take care of processing your products safely.

Standard or bespoke

We help you reduce storage space and shorten delivery times by taking on the last steps of your fulfilment process. To give just one example, we operate facilities where we can store standard paints that we blend to specific colours to consumers’ orders. This makes storage very space-efficient while allowing us to deliver last-minute to order.

A selection of our value-added services:

  • Assembly
  • Checking and sorting returns
  • Configuring high-end data storage systems
  • Building retail displays
  • Labelling
  • Blending and colouring paint
  • Repairing bags and suitcases
  • Testing medical equipment
  • Packing, repacking and bagging bulk goods
  • Palletising bulk goods
  • Drying, straining, blending and homogenising bulk goods

More information

Do you like to know more about value-added logistics and how we can add value to your supply chain? Get in touch with our logistics experts.

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A challenge?
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Marcel van Etten
Logistics Expert