Consolidation & crossdocking

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Combining goods flows reduces logistics costs

Are you looking for a logistics service provider to efficiently handle inbound and outbound goods flows? Operating three cross-dock hubs across the Benelux area, Vos Logistics offers a wide range of options for simplifying your logistics.

What is consolidation/cross-docking?

Consolidation in combination with cross-docking is the logistical procedure in which your goods coming in through inbound transports are being processed in a very short time span into optimal outbound transport. No intermediate storage is required. This procedure ensures a very high level of efficiency: the logistics costs remain as low as possible, while lead times are very short.

Types of consolidation/cross-docking

Consolidation with cross-docking comes in different forms. One of those is the optimal combination of flows for a single customer, minimising costs for storage and transport. Another, even more efficient form is combining flows of several customers from different regions, for which we haul goods to one of our cross-docking facilities, where we combine them with shipments from other clients that need to be delivered in the same area.

100% track & trace

Vos Logistics operates three centrally located cross-docking facilities in strategic locations in the Benelux area. These allow us to execute all pallet flows efficiently in all of the Benelux, within 48 hours. The full process is controlled by our state-of-the-art transport management system (TMS), from pick-up at our clients, via handling at the cross-dock through scanning, to delivery at the customer, who can sign for reception using sign-on-glass technology.

As our client, you have continuous insight in the status of your shipments and the locations of your pallets. We guarantee 100% track & trace. Proof of delivery of shipments is provided digitally.

Complete control

Just as importantly: all transport is executed using our own equipment in our closed network. Your goods always remain under our control and our responsibility.

Do you want to know more about how we can support your business with consolidation and cross-docking? Get in touch with our logistics experts.

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A challenge?
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Rianne Schouten
Logistics Expert