General Conditions

General Conditions

Our general terms and conditions are applicable to all services, proposals, order confirmations and agreements provided by or agreed with Vos Logistics.

Industry terms and conditions
In addition to our general terms and conditions, we apply the following industry terms and conditions:

a. National road transport General Transport Conditions (AVC 2002 version 2015)
b. Bulk (tank) transport General Tank Transport Conditions (SVA version 2017) Dutch
c. International road transport CMR Convention
d. Forwarding services Dutch Forwarding Conditions (FENEX 2018)
e. Storage  General Storage Conditions (SVA 2017) Dutch
f. Physical Distribution  Physical Distribution Conditions (SVA 2017)
g. Cleaning General Tank Cleaning Conditions (ATCN 2001)

Download our General Conditions here (.pdf, 93kb)

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