Vogel’s Products
Full European distribution from a state-of-the-art warehouse

Vogel’s Products, an international manufacturer of mounts and support systems for audio/video and multimedia equipment, was looking for a logistics partner in Europe to support their growth ambitions. Vos Logistics provides Vogel’s with warehousing, fulfilment and transport services.

As an international manufacturer of highly distinctive mounts and support systems for audio/video and multimedia equipment, Vogel’s is a key player in its market. Their products combine design, functionality and performance and can be found in many consumers’ homes all over the world. Since its inception in 2022 Vos Logistics’ collaboration with this industry leader has been growing ever stronger.

As an expert in the area of warehousing, fulfilment and transport services, Vos Logistics has set up Vogel’s warehouse operation in their state-of-the-art, newly built warehouse at the Vollenhovermeer in Oss. The warehouse is BREAAM certified and geographically well-positioned for European distribution. The warehouse is in close proximity to Rotterdam and has convenient connections into the European hinterland.  

Handling of inbound flows

From this warehouse, Vos Logistics supports the full European distribution of Vogel’s products. Those are produced and sourced from a wide range of locations in Europe and Asia. Vos Logistics plays an important role in Vogel’s inbound flows. From road transport and trucking containers with Vos Logistics’ own chassis from the port of Rotterdam to Oss to unloading the products at their warehouse and taking them into stock after carefully carrying out inbound checks and quality controls. 

Warehousing and fulfilment

The warehouse in Oss holds the complete inventory of all European operations of Vogel’s and their subsidiaries. As Vogel’s has a multichannel sales strategy, Vos Logistics handles a wide range of orders from the warehouse. Orders vary from full pallet replenishment orders to local stock holding locations in Europe and multi-line shop-orders for retailers in the Benelux/DACH region up to direct-to-consumer shipments for customers who have ordered their Vogel’s product either on the Vogel’s web shop or on a website of one of their resellers.

From the moment the order is placed, Vos Logistics handles the full administration, picking, shipping and delivery process. Pallet shipments are organised by Vos Logistics and we have IT integrations with - and daily pick-ups by - large parcel carriers like DHL for the smaller orders. 

Value-added logistics

The Vogel’s organization consists of two divisions: Consumer and Professional. Vos Logistics handles the logistics for both; however, where the Consumer division has ready-to-order standard products, the Professional division offers custom-made solutions, often in large quantities for larger customers, but also complex specialised one-off mounting structures for large audiovisual set-ups. The fact that these product solutions are custom-made means that they need to be assembled from standard components. Vos Logistics runs a large value-added logistics operation on the mezzanine of our warehouse, taking care of this whole assembly process. 

Power of a Shared Network

Marcel van Etten, Business Development Manager at Vos Logistics: “Vogel’s and Vos Logistics are a good fit. Vogel’s is a very pragmatic, dynamic and fast-growing organization with a hands-on mentality. And so are we. This also translates to their logistics requirements and the solutions we provide. At Vos Logistics we believe in the Power of a Shared Network. Vogel’s benefits of that, by exploiting our expertise and the capabilities in our multi-user warehouse and capitalizing on our strong transport network.” 

Close and flexible cooperation

Bart van Middelkoop, Operations Manager at Vogel’s Products: “When we were looking for a new logistic service provider, we were seeking a partner with the same mentality. Being able to cooperate closely, but at the same time keeping flexibility was an important criterium for us. We operate in a dynamic business, which is why we were looking for a partner who tackles challenges as they arise.” 

Continuous improvement

Vos Logistics set up a customised warehouse operation, which supports short-term fluctuations and long-term growth. Processes were set up in such a way to guarantee flexibility and efficient handling of omnichannel orders. “We have a great operation in place. Considering that we have a multichannel logistics operation and multiple product types, the process was up and running quickly, which I find impressive”, says Bart van Middelkoop. “There are always things we can improve but this is covered by a continuous improvement programme. We are glad that we have made the decision to partner with Vos Logistics.” 

Scalable and flexible logistics operation

Marcel van Etten: “I believe that the key to our successful cooperation is the fit in mindset. Next to being proactive, both companies have digitization high on their agendas, knowing that this is essential in creating a scalable and flexible logistics operation. The start-up of an operation with the complexity and size of Vogel’s always poses a lot of challenges. The process is stable and predictable now and this means that the time has come to start improving both from a quantitative as well as a qualitative perspective. We will use the data that we have gathered over the first period to achieve the required improvements. This in an ongoing process that we are ready to take on in order to further grow together and get even stronger in the future.”

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