Vacuum truck

Bulk product moved easily.

Deploying our vacuum truck at your convenience.

For about 25 years we have been specializing in solutions with our vacuum truck (60 m3). This way we can suck back bulk material into our vacuum truck.

Vacuum truck for dry bulk transport

This mainly concerns goods that have to be taken out of a silo from below or above, for example in the event of a wrong delivery or contamination of a residual product. At the same time, the vacuum truck can suck product from within another (bulk)truck and delivered to the required destination. This typically happens in case of a defect or accidents.

  • Specific solutions for blowing bulk material from one spot to another
  • Extensive technical knowledge for every challenge
  • Designated driver with years of experience
  • Capacity of 60 m3

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A challenge?
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Berny Voortman
Logistics Expert