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Why Vos Logistics?

  • We are experts in the field of FMCG, retail construction, health / healthcare and e-commerce.
  • We work with a modern, sustainable fleet, various trailers and experienced service-oriented drivers.
  • We use modern IT systems for simulation, data exchange, planning, telematics, management and reporting.
“Thanks to Vos Logistics we can focus on our main job.” Rob van Breugel - Medica Europe Read more

“Thanks to Vos Logistics we can focus on our main job.”

Rob van Breugel - Medica Europe
Vos Logistics has been an integral part of our supply chain for more than 10 years. Thanks to them, we can offer innovative and efficient solutions when it comes to medical equipment, such as procedure trays for the OK, CSA, IC and anesthetics, cardiology and radiology. Vos Logistics takes care of our logistic challenges so that we can focus on our primary job: caring for patients.

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What can we do for you?

  • An optimized solution

    1. An optimized solution

    We simulate your transmission and distribution flow. This way we always find the most efficient way to get your goods to your customers. This can be customer specific (dedicated) as well as within our own network.
  • Project Implementation

    2. Project Implementation

    Together we form a multidisciplinary team and make project plans. With this we manage the implementation and we reduce the risks.
  • Operational Excellence

    3. Operational Excellence

    Shipment data is transmitted via EDI to our transport management system, planning is optimized, drivers are informed via on-board computers, PoDs are digitized and KPIs generated.
  • Acquisition Opportunities

    4. Acquisition Opportunities

    We are always open to taking over of equipment or personnel. Think of trucks, trailers, drivers and planners.
  • Continuous improvement

    5. Continuous improvement

    We continuously looking to improve our services, working closely with our clients we always search for potential quality improvements and cost savings.

Special Deliveries

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Special Deliveries

Delivering your product is probably the most important moment in your customers’ experience. At Vos Logistics, we understand how important it is to stand in our “customer’s customer’s shoes”. By understanding your customers’ thoughts and wishes and being in touch with trends and developments, we can perfectly match our delivery service to their needs. Together with you, we can remove the barriers that stop your customers from buying your products. You can confidently leave your products in our hands so that you concentrate on your core activities.

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