Future-proof warehousing

Vos Logistics strives to rapidly make all our operations more sustainable. In the years to come, we are going green on our warehousing activities. With Vos Logistics, you are choosing a future-proof partner.

One of Vos Logistics’ core values is sustainability. Taking care of the environment, health and wellbeing of our employees and customer satisfaction is in our DNA. We demonstrate this in our daily work. In developing new products and services, we choose the ‘greenest possible’ logistical services and technologies, reducing both our CO2 emissions and our energy consumption. We are taking the following steps in our warehousing activities.

BREEAM warehouses

Vos Logistics is continuously improving the sustainability of its warehouses, by refurbishing and redeveloping existing facilities in a sustainable way, and by installing solar panels on as many roofs as possible. Older facilities that have run their course are being replaced by highly sustainable new warehouses. Enhancing sustainability of our warehouses is measured by the BREEAM system, the international assessment and rating method for sustainability of buildings. The newest addition to the warehouse portfolio is the facility at Vollenhovenmeer, Oss, which was awarded the highest BREEAM rating.

Smart warehousing

Using automation and robotisation, we develop and implement efficient processes, supported by advanced IT solutions. In this way, we create smart warehousing solutions, limiting the use of space and equipment to make processes as sustainable as possible.


In collaboration with customers, Vos Logistics strives to combine different orders into a single shipment whenever possible. In this way, several delivery times of various suppliers are replaced by a single delivery carrying all goods ordered, saving time and fuel.

A challenge?
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A challenge?
Get in touch.

Marcel van Etten
Logistics Expert