Vos Logistics receives BREEAM 5-star outstanding certificate

Doing business sustainably is of high importance to us and is reflected in our sustainability KPIs. We are continuously taking measures to lower our CO2-footprint and this remains an ongoing process. When building our latest distribution center (DC) in Oss, the Netherlands, we aimed at gaining a BREAAM outstanding 5-star certificate. And here is how we got there..

The development of our DC commenced in 2020 where plans had been made to implement sustainability requirements according to the outstanding BREEAM certification. Frank Verhoeven, CEO at Vos Logistics: “Sustainability has been one of the spear points in our organization for many years and remains to be one. In our aim to stay relevant by becoming better, faster, more efficient and more sustainable, we took care that our new DC would be built in the most sustainable way.”

Theo van der Maazen, Real Estate at Vos Logistics continues: “We are glad that our effort to become more and more sustainable have paid off by receiving 5 stars, which is the highest possible certification. In the past, we had gained BREEAM 2- and 3-star certificates for our other warehouses; with regard to our new building, we were able to make use of the latest developments in the area of sustainability; and we did. For example, the DC runs completely without electrical consumption and gas. The 5.520 solar panels are actually delivering energy into the external net and our own electric vehicles are charged right from our roof top. LED-lighting and motion sensors are in place and we also have a heat pump in place, which yields a low energy consumption and can warm up the building in the winter and cool it down in the summer.”

Verhoeven adds: “Actually, the BREEAM certificate is just one of the gains from the sustainability measures we are taking. As a matter of fact, we always take our footprint and CO2-emissions into account when investing in projects, buildings, fleet renewal and the like.“

The water- and energy consumption of the building are constantly monitored. Also, water-saving taps and toilets have been installed and the 12-meter high green wall in the office part of the building is nurtured by rainwater only. The same holds for plants located in the exterior of the office.

“BREEAM also requires builders to take nature into consideration. That is why we have placed bird- and bat-houses in the vicinity of the DC. Furthermore, the rainwater is infiltrated right into the ground and doesn’t end up in the sewer.”, Van der Maazen continues.

Frank Verhoeven: “We are gearing up for the future to go more and more green. We have started to electrify our fleet, which will also be charged by our own solar panels. This is in line with our strategy and vision and it is the only way to stay relevant in transport and logistics. Together with other front-runners in this are, many other exciting projects have been started up and we keep looking for more ways to share synergies with our partners in sustainable innovations.”