Specialist in all types of storage

Do you have a warehousing challenge? Vos Logistics specialises in storage and fulfilment of all goods and products, from general cargo to bulk and dangerous goods. For these, we also offer a wide array of value-added services. As we strive for sustainability, we support you in reducing the carbon footprint of your business.


Vos Logistics operates a large number of warehouses and distribution centres across Europe. The combined capacity is 400,000 m2, offering space for half a million pallets.


From each of our warehouses we serve multiple clients. This helps to drive costs down and allows us to support fluctuations in your needs, whether your business is seasonal or scaling up.


Vos Logistics invests in digitalisation and automation of warehousing processes. Our state-of-the-art warehouse management system allows for continuous tracking of goods, offering real-time insights in your stocklevels and order statuses.

Proven quality

The Vos Logistics warehouses are certified under most common standards. In multiple locations we are certified under the ISO 22000 standard for food safety and the GMP+ standard for animal feed. Our Roosendaal warehouse holds a BRZO permit for storage of large quantities of dangerous goods.


In our cross-dock hubs across the Benelux area, we reach a new level of efficiency, combining and consolidating inbound and outbound goods flows and drastically reducing the number of transport movements.

Value-added services

Are you looking for a way to keep your stocks low and flexible? Or are you looking to outsource the last step in your supply chain? Vos Logistics offers a wide range of value-added services, like repacking, labelling, assembly, repairs and building retail displays.

Storage and fulfilment of dangerous goods

Our Roosendaal warehouse holds a BRZO environmental permit, allowing us to safely store large quantities of dangerous goods. In Goch (Germany) we operate another warehouse with considerable capacity for dangerous goods. In these warehouses, we offer value-added services like order picking. That means we can take on all storage and fulfilment of dangerous goods in the Netherlands and Germany.

Storage and fulfilment bulk goods

For bulk goods, we offer a wide range of services, among which are packaging, unpacking, repacking, drying, straining, blending and homogenising. All our processes are fully automated through dedicated professional equipment that integrates with your systems. In this way, we can follow each step in the process in real time.


Vos Logistics strives for sustainable logistics. In warehousing, we work toward planning and executing tasks ever more efficiently, with a large role for cross-docking and consolidation. Additionally, we generate electricity through solar panels on our roofs and refurbish our warehouses to meet the highest BREAAM standards. Vos Logistics is your future-proof partner in all warehousing challenges.

Do you want to know how we can support your business through warehousing and storage of goods? Get in touch with our logistics experts.

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A challenge?
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Marcel van Etten
Logistics Expert