We invest in a strong corporate culture

To realize these ambitions and be the innovator we intend to be, we rely on our talented and passionate employees. It is of vital importance to us that we offer our existing workforce opportunities to develop further and that we attract new people. Only then will we be able to serve our customers, continue to grow, and come through on our brand promise: “We simplify. Whatever it takes.’’

As an internationally operating company, Vos Logistics takes pride in its highly diverse workforce, which is built up of as many as 25 nationalities. In 2018, the number of permanent and temporary employees grew from 2,252 to 2,556. This upward trend is expected to continue in 2019. This is a combination of autonomous growth and growth through two company acquisitions. In 2018, the two acquisitions, Joosten and Gehlen Schols, were successfully integrated into the Vos Logistics organization, and this process will continue in 2019 to achieve maximum synergy.

Corporate culture
Vos Logistics invests in a strong corporate culture. Alongside our Values of Service, Ethical Code, and increased training intensity, our new corporate clothing is a visible manifestation of our commitment to our corporate identity. Our attractiveness as an employer primarily benefits our customers.




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