Extension of mobile storage and High Volume transport solutions

Due to the increasing demand of our customers, Vos Logistics will receive a total of 75 new swap bodies in the last quarter of 2021. This forms another step in extending our mobile storage and HV transport solutions. With this extension Vos Logistics operates 1500 loading units in the Benelux, France and Germany and is a leading service provider in this segment.

In the past, Vos Logistics has developed a concept known as the CuBoTainer®. This in-house innovation has been patented as a swap body, holding many advantages for customers. The concept of the CuBoTainer® is practical and increases safety at the same time. It comes in especially handy when transporting loose and packed goods in full truck loads by road, as it yields a shape-retaining construction. A combination can hold a volume of up to 120 m3. Next to that, it is a very cost efficient mobile storage solution which offers much flexibility.


Together with WECON GmbH, a specialist in commercial vehicles and container technology, Vos Logistics built up this collaboration in the past, starting out with a prototype which soon resulted in the production of an array of swap bodies. The combination of hard side panels and curtain sides facilitates safe transport, while the goods can still be discharged from the sides. The CuBoTainer® provides stability and a high level of protection to the load from outside. It enables the optimization of storage and transport of industrial packaging materials, insulation materials and textile recycling, but it is also suitable for other products. Optionally, it can be used in combination with a portable forklift.

Geert Dobbelaere, BU Manager in Belgium: “Due to our in-house developed transport management system Lovos, which operates in combination with the Transics boardcomputer, the movement of goods is followed real time. This optimizes our efficiency and ensures better safety as well.”

An eye on the future

Wim Roelofsen, BU Manager in the Netherlands explains the reason behind the investment: “By adding 75 new swap bodies to our fleet, Vos Logistics is investing in the future. The need of our clients plays a crucial role in our decision-making in the area of investments. Since the demand for extra swap bodies was growing, we decided to fulfil this need in order to keep serving our clients well. We believe in growing together with our customers.”

Interested in learning more about our CuBoTainers®?

Read more here or get directly in touch with Wim Roelofsen through +31 653 160 608 or Geert Dobbelaere +32 475 545 454.