Transport Type


Matching your needs with our equipment.

Vos Logistics offers simplified solutions to complex logistical challenges in a creative and entrepreneurial manner. Making things simple, manageable and efficient for our clients is what we believe in. We simplify. Whatever it takes. Choose which transport type fits your needs and discover how it can be used to simplify your logistics! 

A challenge?
I make it simple.

Bulk transport
We distribute your dry bulk products, such as (petro-)chemicals, food, feed, minerals, powders and granules throughout Europe.
FTL transport
Mega trailers, CuBoLiners and CuBoTainers. Size matters. We match your needs with the best possible fit.
LTL transport
From one pallet to a full truck load, we simply move it anywhere throughout Europe! No matter what: single pallets, part loads or full truck loads.

A challenge?
I make it simple.

Berny Voortman
Logistics Expert