Transport Type

Matching your needs with our equipment.

Choose which transport type fits your needs and discover how it can be used to simplify your logistics!

Complex logistics challenge?
Bring it on.

Our specialist will simplify them.

Dry Bulk Transport
Your dry bulk goods delivered throughout Europe.
Mega trailers, CuBoLiners and CuBoTainers. Size matters.
High Volume
Road trains for transport and storage of your goods.
Tank Transport
ADR Tank- and Bulk Transport - one of our long-standing specialties.
LTL Transport & Groupage
More efficient combination of your deliveries.
Ecocombi (LHV)
High load capacity combined with LNG
Concrete Mixers
Delivering concrete for the construction industry.
Container Transport
Directly from the docks right onto the truck.
Home & Special Deliveries
One or two man home delivery with agile city vans
Gas Transport
Bulk or Packed Gas Transport?
Cement transport
Strong collaboration in cement transport.
Vacuum truck
Bulk goods transported according to your ideas.