Customs Services

Our logistics services are not bound by borders.

We take care of your customs.

Handling customs procedures is one of the many ways we can support your supply chain. Our customs services can be fully integrated with your logistics process. They are provided to you by our in-house customs department according to our AEO certification.

Customs services plays a crucial role in your supply chain

When importing or exporting your cargo, our customs services play a crucial part in the logistics process. Our logistics experts can advise you about different customs services such as import and export declaration, transit and NCTS declarations and EMCS declarations. Depending on your routing and status of products we offer both bonded and public storage facilities. And if you don’t need storage at all, our Freight Forwarding specialist will simply manage your customs.

Vos Logistics is entrusted with the AEO-status. An AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) is a status which has various benefits when importing and exporting your cargo throughout Europe:

  • Fewer physical and document-based controls
  • Priority treatment if selected for control
  • Possibility to request a specific place for customs controls
  • Improved relations with Customs and other government authorities
  • Reduced theft and losses
  • Fewer delayed shipments

Want us to handle your customs services?

Do you want more information on how we can simplify and optimize your supply chain? Do you want to learn more about our customs services or about the AEO-status which is entrusted to us? Contact one of our logistics specialists, we will gladly tell you more.