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Rianne Schouten
Logistics Expert

VRD Logistiek and Vos Logistics combine their distribution networks

Partnership VRD Logistiek and Vos Logistics

Benelux distribution specialists Vos Logistics from the Netherlands and VRD Logistiek from Belgium engaged in an operational partnership as of late 2023. Both enterprises combine their distribution networks. Jointly, they operate as a single, highly dense and efficient network with short arrival times throughout the Benelux area.

  • European logistics service provider Vos Logistics and VRD Logistiek from Belgium combine their distribution networks in an operational partnership.
  • The partnership increases network density and synergy, increasing efficiency.
  • Fewer empty kilometres in a strengthened multi-hub distribution network.

As specialists in regional and city pallet distribution, Vos Logistics and VRD Logistiek have been making use of each other’s services and networks for several years. In October 2023, this incidental collaboration has been formalized into an operational partnership in Benelux distribution services.

Multi-hub network

The partners utilize each other’s logistical hubs and national networks. Each day, trailers commute between hubs of Vos Logistics in Oss and Woerden and the cross-dock facility of VRD in Bornem. Both companies operate very dense distribution networks in their respective countries. Customers of Vos Logistics and VRD Logistiek can now also have pick-ups or collections carried out throughout the Benelux area.


In addition, the number of distribution kilometres driven by both companies will decrease significantly, resulting in higher efficiency, lower fuel consumption and therefore lower emissions. By shortening distribution rides, Vos Logistics and VRD Logistiek are prepared for electrification of the full distribution network. Both companies currently have several electrically powered vehicles in operation already and are looking to expand their zero-emission fleets.


All activities within the shared network are fully digitalized and traceable in real time. As a result of integration of the systems of Vos Logistics and VRD Logistiek, customers of either company can always follow their shipments, regardless of which partner is currently carrying or storing them.

Single point of contact

Liesbeth van Raemdonck, Project Manager and co-owner of VRD Logistiek: “Our partnership offers nothing but advantages. We reinforce each other, while our service to customers becomes simpler and more complete. For B2B deliveries of pallets in the Benelux area we jointly offer a strong proposition: our customer base will have a single transport partner delivering their goods, with a single point of contact. This is also valuable from an environmental point of view.”

Electrical city distribution

Dennis Broeksteeg, Business Unit Manager Benelux Distribution at Vos Logistics: “The transition to zero-emission city distribution is in full swing. That is why it is crucial to have a network with multiple hubs close to metropolitan areas, so that delivery with electric vehicles becomes attainable. By literally sharing our network with VRD Logistiek we take a big step in this respect. Moreover, we further strengthen our regional distribution network and jointly reach an even higher degree of efficiency. This partnership allows us to anticipate changing demands in the market on several fronts, all thanks to ‘the Power of our Shared Network.’

Benefitting from our network

Our solutions enable you to reach higher efficiency in delivering your products. Would you like to know more about how we can put that into practice together? Get in touch with Rianne Schouten (Vos Logistics) through +31 610 119 94 or with Liesbeth Van Raemdonck (VRD) via +32 473 720 279.

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Rianne Schouten
Logistics Expert