Vos Logistics receives 3rd Lean & Green Star

Lean & Green – in the world of logistics an ambitious certification for sustainable logistics. As a member of the program since 2010, Vos Logistics managed to gain the 1st Star in 2014. In the aim to earn a second Star performance was beyond expectations, resulting in also receiving a 3rd Lean & Green Star.

Within the Lean & Green program everything spins around reducing CO2 emissions in transport and logistics. The initiative was originated by Connekt, an independent network for sustainable accessibility in mobility and logistics in The Netherlands and currently extended throughout Europe.     

Eveline Vermeulen, QESH and Sustainability coordinator at Vos Logistics: “We have started focusing on sustainability since 2010 by integrating the topic in our Annual Report. After gaining our 1st Lean & Green Star in 2014, we felt it was time to set the bar even higher.”     

In order to do so, Vos Logistics is taking part in a broad variety of initiatives like the membership of the European Clean Truck Alliance (ECTA), Zero Emission Stadslogistiek (ZES), Hy Trucks and the Brabantse Waterstof Coalitie (BWC). There is much focus on alternatives for diesel like LNG, HVO, electrification and hydrogen besides other initiatives like Super Eco Combis (SEC) and solar panels on top of trailers. Solar panels are also covering most of the warehouses and the 25.000 m2 Greenfield distribution center in Oss that will be operational in Q4 2021 will be BREEAM 5 star (outstanding) certified.  

In 2020, a Vos Logistics project group turned in a request to aim for a second Star. Vermeulen explains: “Lean & Green’s goal is to help organizations to be flexible and innovative, while at the same time reducing their CO2 emissions in various ways. At Vos Logistics we were already well underway regarding sustainable initiatives, but when evaluated, it became clear that we managed to achieve a reduction of 19% of the CO2 emissions per tonne transported volume over the past 3 years. Overall, this lead to not only receiving a 2nd, but also a 3rd Star at once.”  

Dirk van der Lee, Project Manager at Lean & Green: “Within our 5-Star program the 2nd Star is awarded to organizations who reduce at least 10% of CO2 emissions per unit volume (ton) in three years. For the 3rd Star another 5% is required within two years. Besides the reduction, these companies have to present a set of measures and projects which contribute to the reduction of their CO2-footprint, such as collaboration, optimization and fuel saving measures. The program itself is also continuously in development in collaboration with its participants. The 4th Star is currently a pilot from that collaboration and will target the 2030 EU reduction goal of 55% reduction per unit. The 5th Star is yet to be defined but will most likely target zero-emission transport before 2050.”

Vos Logistics’ vision is to stay ahead of the innovation curve and to become better, faster, cheaper and more sustainable. With sustainability high on our agenda, The Lean & Green program fits perfectly in the strategy of our company.  

Dirk van der Lee: “Participants like Vos Logistics show us how sustainability and competitiveness can coexist within a logistic service provider. They help pave the way for other companies towards a ‘Lean & Green’ future. Achieving these two Stars at once is an exceptional achievement, one the entire company can be proud of!”

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