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At Vos Logistics, sustainability is in our DNA. Since 2009 we have created six key performance indicators (KPIs) in order to reach our sustainability goals. We truly believe that each and every one of us can make a difference for creating a greener future. Here is a glimpse at our recent initiatives.

Solar panels

We installed solar panels on the roof tops of our buildings in Oss and Roosendaal, adding up to a total of over 12.000 solar panels. In her role as QESHS coordinator (quality, environment, safety, health and sustainability), Eveline Vermeulen explains: “CO2 emissions contribute to global warming to a large extent. The panels on the warehouses of Vos Logistics generate more than 2.700 MwH per year, which is equal to the average energy consumption of 1000 households per year. Approximately 25% of the generated energy is directly re-used in our buildings. All energy that is not used in our warehouses is sold back to the market as green energy to other users. With the solar panels in place, we will be able to reduce the CO2 footprint of our premises by 60% in 2020.“

LED lighting

In our warehouse locations in Helmond, Oevel and the drivers’ hubs in Poland, we replaced our lighting by LED lighting with sensors. The sensors react to movements of people and vehicles and light up depending on how far the movement is in a specific pathway. Also, the lighting creates a safer and more comfortable work environment.

Sustainable fleet

We also actively seek sustainability initiatives in our transport department. While we are an early adaptor to alternative fuels such as LNG, we also promote the use of BIO LNG and HVO (sustainable diesel). In Belgium we started a cooperation with a well-known car producer on an electrical truck which provides many advantages in residential areas.

Super Eco Combi

Since 2020 our LHVs (LZV / Ecocombi) are allowed in Belgium, with which we are able to load more cargo. This reduces fuel consumption and the number of trucks on the road. Also, we are involved in a pilot with the Super Eco Combi (SEC) similar to the LHV, but this is an extra-long combination that we have tested in Sweden and are aiming to officially use in the Netherlands as well.

Another important topic within our business is reducing empty mileage and increasing our payload. In order to do so, we have initiated different projects in which we use software and digital tools that make use of algorithms to enable this process.



SolarOnTop is another initiative that is very promising and which has been piloted with Gehlen Schols, who was acquired by Vos Logistics in 2018. In this project, solar panels are installed on top of trucks and driven on the energy that is generated by the sun. Also solar panels were installed on top of a Vos Logistics trailer in combination with an LNG truck. Watch the video or read more here.

Energy transition board

With that many sustainable developments taking place around the world, we aim to stay on top of things. In order to do so we have formed an internal board named the energy transition board who investigates innovations in the area of energy transition. The energy transition can be a great accelerator for Vos Logistics to deliver better, faster, cheaper and more sustainable solutions.


As part of the energy transition board, we have decided to join the  ECTA consortium whose goal is the decarbonization of road freight vehicles (read press release here). The ECTA calls upon the European Commission to make the shift to zero-emissions trucks a priority to meet the ambitious emission targets of the proposed EU Climate Law by 2030 and achieve a carbon-neutral Europe by 2050.

Frank Verhoeven, CEO, Vos Logistics
“At Vos Logistics, we put great efforts into becoming more sustainable. Each year we measure the improvements made based on our sustainability KPIs and publish these in our integrated annual report. The ECTA coalition fits well with our strategy and vision, which is why we embrace green innovations. Increasing the amount of zero-emissions trucks on the road yields great advantages. By being part of the coalition, we want to contribute to a more sustainable future.”


Hy Truck

The Hy Truck is the initiative of a consortium Vos Logistics is part of to put 1.000 hydrogen trucks on the road by 2025, connecting the Netherlands, Belgium, and western Germany by 2025. The company Air Liquide and the Port of Rotterdam have initiated this project. Alongside Vos Logistics, the project includes partners with the necessary complementary expertise representing the whole supply chain: hydrogen production, distribution through filling stations, truck manufacturers, and fuel cell manufacturers for heavy-duty applications.

Bring it on

“Our aim is to be in the top of sustainable logistic service providers”, says Frank Verhoeven, CEO at Vos Logistics. “We are committed to staying ahead on innovations and become more and more sustainable over the years. Thinking along with our customers to provide sustainable logistics solutions is among our specialties.”


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