Opening of Vos Logistics Inspiration Center great success

In our aim to introduce our stakeholders into the ‘world of Vos Logistics’, we recently opened our Inspiration Center in Oss. It is now open for visitors who are interested to learn about what our company is up to and how we engage in the latest developments in our field.

The Vos Logistics Inspiration Center is an innovative way for visitors to learn about our people and career opportunities, mobility and the many options we offer, and our services in supply chain solutions and warehousing. It also shows how we collaborate with clients, suppliers, schools and other partners, and takes a peek into the future of logistics. Safety, sustainability and innovation are recurring topics and prominently visible.

The center serves as a meeting place where people can interactively learn more about the world of transport and logistics and contains elements of gamification that are part of this experience. Comprehensive explanations are provided not only for our own innovations and projects but also for those of third parties showcasing their own innovations in the field.

“The purpose is to inspire about developments in logistics and to activate the dialogue with visitors to create sustainable and innovative solutions for logistics challenges.” – Sarah Weber

“Whether it’s clients, (potential) employees, suppliers, or just visitors, the Inspiration Center is a place where it’s possible to leave feeling inspired and proud to be a part of the Vos Logistics community and our shared network. We believe that we can become stronger and remain relevant by creating synergies with and for others. With open doors, the center welcomes you to immerse yourself in the world of Vos Logistics. As a company in this industry, we never stand still. With our continuous focus on innovation, the center will be constantly renewed, so it’s definitely worth repeating your visit once you have been.” – Frank Verhoeven

For more information, please get in touch with your contact person at Vos Logistics or contact Marleen Boeijen / +31 412 699 457.