Is it possible to make our Home Delivery fleet electric?

This is what Willem Goudriaan (23) investigated during his internship at Vos Logistics last spring. Willem is a second-year master's student of Sustainable Energy Technology at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

The topic of Energy Transition & Sustainability is one of our four central themes for the upcoming 25 years. We tackle this in various ways such as the many solar panels on the roofs of our distribution centers, the SolarOnTop pilot, the new BREEAM certified DC in Oss, and by working with green energy contracts. Looking to the future, questions arise about the electrification of our fleet. Willem looked into the possibilities specifically for our Home Delivery fleet and mapped out the challenges and conceivable solutions.

Currently, the fleet consists of 16 box vans (3.5 tons) and 11 box trucks (12 tons). These operate in the regions Oss and Woerden from our distribution centers directly to the customer's homes. If we would want to electrify the fleet, several questions arise; for example, how could the same capacity be achieved with electric trucks? What about charging the vehicles and what other changes come with the transition? And, could it be done now or only within several years?