Expansion with LNG trucks.

Growth of LNG low deck trucks in 2017

In the ambition to further reduce CO2 emission, Vos Logistics introduced LNG trucks in the international mega trailer network in 2015. For this purpose truck manufacturer Iveco developed five LNG low deck prototypes equipped with double fuel tanks allowing for a range of up to 1,000 kilometers. These trucks have been tested successfully for the past 18 months.

Based on this experience, the capacity of LNG low deck trucks can be further expanded in the international network of Vos Logistics. In the first quarter of 2017 five new low deck LNG trucks will be taken into operation. Additional expansions are in preparation.

Optimize kilometer production with LNG trucks

LNG reduces CO2 emissions with 15% compared to diesel trucks. The investment and maintenance costs for LNG trucks are higher when comparing this to diesel trucks. However, this is compensated by a lower fuel cost per kilometer; a high kilometer production is essential to achieve a competitive price level. An additional benefit of LNG is the fact that the fuel price is more stable and predictable than diesel prices.

In order to fully utilize the benefits of LNG trucks in sustainable as well as financial terms, these trucks are predominantly deployed on lanes where a high kilometer production can be achieved between Benelux, Sweden and France.


Especially for dense transport flows with high requirements in terms of speed, security and reliability, Vos Logistics developed a transport solution named ‘Hotwheels’. Careful planning of drivers and trucks allows the LNG trucks to be operated non-stop. In this concept trucks reach a monthly production of up to 35,000 kilometers, an equivalent of 3 trucks.

Wojciech Cybulski, operations manager at Vos Logistics explains: “Hotwheels fully unleashes the potential of LNG. A large emissions saving is realized due to the high production of the trucks, while at the same time the solution becomes more cost effective”.

This is fully in line with Vos Logistics’ ambitions and aligns with their customer expectations: to provide the most sustainable and cost effective solutions.