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Marcel van Etten
Logistics Expert

Electrified transport new milestone in long lasting collaboration between Pipelife and Vos Logistics

  • Vos Logistics operates six electric vehicles and is working towards further electrification of its distribution network.
  • After a successful pilot, one Pipelife customer receives all-electric delivery.
  • Other Pipelife customers can lower their carbon footprint through electric delivery as well.


Since 2016, European logistics service provider Vos Logistics takes on all distribution routes from Enkhuizen and Kalmthout into the Benelux area for Pipelife. Both companies take sustainability very seriously. Therefore, Vos Logistics and Pipelife are taking the next step toward sustainable operations.

Pipelife is both supplier of plastic pipe systems and fittings, and co-creator of intelligent solutions and systems for distribution of water and energy. They aim to maximise sustainability, availability and ease of installation, collaborating intensively with suppliers and service providers to optimise performance across the supply chain. The cooperation comprises of continuous mutual challenging, stimulating and enthusing with the aim of reaching maximum results together.

Innovative solutions

It is Pipelife’s mission to anticipate challenges posed by climate, environment, urbanisation and social developments, and to anticipate changing needs with regard to energy, rainwater and drinking water. They invest in innovative solutions to meet common challenges. Part of their product range is manufactured from bio-circular raw materials, and they use recycled materials as well. Pipelife’s facilities are equipped with solar panels and heat pumps.

20 to 30 trucks

As transport partner of Pipelife Belgium (since 2013) and Pipelife Netherlands (since 2016), Vos Logistics sends 20 to 30 trucks daily throughout the Benelux area on behalf of their customer. End customers of Pipelife are mainly warehouses of retailers and wholesalers, and construction sites run by building, infrastructure and agricultural companies.


Vos Logistics aims to make their services ever more sustainable. Together with their partners Vos Logistics is continually looking for ways to organise all logistical processes as sustainable and efficient as possible. An important aspect of that is investing in zero-emission vehicles. That is why Vos Logistics recently added six new electrical trucks to their fleet. On top of that, Vos Logistics, together with Pipelife SoluForce, is looking into opportunities to operate hydrogen electric vehicles. SoluForce is a division of Pipelife producing innovative piping systems for hydrogen, among other products.


Electrified distribution suits Pipelife’s mission, and zero-emission delivery is relevant for many of Pipelife’s customers. Therefore, Vos Logistics and Pipelife are taking the next step in sustainable distribution. After a successful pilot in October 2023, a regular Pipelife customer, a wholesaler of electronics in the town of Bleiswijk, the Netherlands, is supplied by a fully electrically powered truck twice every week. Thanks to the recently added electrical fleet capacity, other Pipelife customers can also make use of this sustainable distribution solution, as can other customers of Vos Logistics.

Invest in sustainable tech

Bastiaan Hoekstra, Supply Chain Manager at Pipelife Netherlands: “For our customers, sustainability is increasingly important. In the construction sector, for example, strict requirements are imposed about this. As a supplier, we can help our customers by producing and delivering in the most sustainable way. We are glad that Vos Logistics has the same approach. In the past they have already proven that they do not hesitate to invest in sustainable technology, and now we are seeing that again. Together, we will quickly take further steps on the road to a more sustainable future.”

Going green together

Gertjan van Loon, Operations Manager at Vos Logistics: “Together with our customers and clients we are continually looking for ways to make our logistical services even more sustainable and efficient. We deploy the newest technologies that are economically feasible. For Pipelife, sustainability is top priority, which makes sustainable distribution feasible now. They are paving the road for other customers of ours who also want to make use of our electrical fleet. Increasing sustainability together is also part of the Power of our Shared Network.”

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Marcel van Etten
Logistics Expert