Electrification of fleet to reduce emissions further

As logistics service provider we have been actively working on decreasing our CO2-footprint since 2011. Electrifying our fleet is just one of the spear points we are working on intensively. Together with Mobilyze, we are now taking steps to further improve our sustainability performance by means of a customized tool.

Electrification of the Vos Logistics fleet has commenced in 2018. While there are currently two electrical vehicles in use, another 12 will become operational within the next six months. This development will help us to lower our CO2-emissions further and to stay relevant in the market.

In order to facilitate an electric fleet at different Vos Logistics locations, we have asked Mobilyze to support us by developing a customized calculation tool regarding our energy requirements at each location. That way, we are able to validate the viability of each project individually.

Robert Gunsing, Founder at Mobilyze: “As energy partner for logistics service providers, we are the point of contact when it comes to supplying (freight) vehicles with energy at own (DC) locations on a daily basis. We investigate whether the infrastructure is readily available and make sure that the costs stay as low as possible per kilometer.”

Roy van Tilburg, Business Unit Manager at Vos Logistics: “Within Home Delivery we are currently electrifying our fleet, which yields many advantages for our business. Mobilyze has helped us with taking a first step in learning more about our energy requirements based on locations, routes and customer demands. Our goal is to be completely emission-free in 2028, which is why we are putting great effort into realizing this milestone.”

Are you interested in learning more about this topic or what this could mean for your business? Get in touch with Roy van Tilburg.