Celebrating 25 years of cooperation: Bolsius and Vos Logistics

On June 8th, we had a special celebration at Vos Logistics in Helmond. We were proud to mark 25 years of working together with Bolsius. Over the past years, our partnership with Bolsius has grown stronger. We trust each other, share the same values, and work hard to deliver excellent service. Celebrating this milestone is a way for us to acknowledge the successful collaboration between our companies.

Bolsius, a family business with over 150 years of experience, is dedicated to creating an irresistible candle experience. They prioritize quality, using the best materials and testing recipes for candles that burn without soot or smoke. Bolsius also embraces sustainability, using plant-based wax, incorporating natural extracts, and minimizing plastic and packaging. Their commitment to excellence and social responsibility aligns perfectly with our values at Vos Logistics, making our partnership strong and impactful.

During the celebration, both the teams and managers from Bolsius, Vos Logistics, and Senzer came together. We organized a tour of our warehouse for those who were interested, explaining all the different operations and value-added activities we do specifically for Bolsius. About 40 people joined the tour and learned more about our work. After the tour, Frank Verhoeven (CEO of Vos Logistics) and Vincent Kristen (COO of Bolsius) gave speeches talking about our past collaboration and expressed their desire to continue working together in the future. They said that both companies bring out the best in each other. Furthermore, we exchanged gifts with the Bolsius team and raised a toast to celebrate the 43rd working anniversary of Henk v.d. Straaten, who has been the logistics specialist at Bolsius in Helmond for the past 25 years. The festivities continued as everyone mingled and enjoyed a well-deserved barbecue.

At Vos Logistics, we have a special partnership with Bolsius that goes beyond just working together. They trust us with important tasks that highlight the depth of our relationship. As a Value-Added Logistics (VAL) provider, we are committed to delivering outstanding service and tailored solutions to meet Bolsius' unique needs. We take on various important responsibilities for Bolsius. For example, we build retail displays and put together countertop displays to showcase their products. We make sure to label each item with the correct prices and compliance information. Additionally, we create mixed assortments, carefully unpack and repackage returned displays in their original packaging, and fulfill orders based on specific customer requirements.

Furthermore, we take responsibility for loading all orders for the Benelux region onto our own trucks, which operate from Vos Logistics Distri and Vos Logistics Woerden. We ensure that these orders are delivered daily across the Benelux countries. We constantly strive for improvement through initiatives like LEAN projects, and our expertise extends to managing complex omnichannel order fulfillment for both retail and e-commerce channels. We understand the seasonal nature of the business and effectively adapt to meet the demands during peak times. What sets us apart is our focus on combining warehousing and distribution within the Benelux region, leveraging our strengths to provide comprehensive solutions.

We believe in making a positive impact in our community. As part of our partnership with Bolsius, we have continued our collaboration with Senzer. This allows people with disabilities to work in adapted roles at our distribution center in Helmond. An all-around logistics employee at Senzer shared his experience: "Working at Vos Logistics means team spirit and a great work environment. Working together and supporting each other in order to create a perfect result for our clients, that's our goal. While doing so, we also get the chance to learn more about ourselves. Worry-free workdays, in which we can take the time to work thoroughly and finish what we start.

The 25th anniversary of our collaboration with Bolsius fills us with pride. It reminds us of the long-lasting relationships that can be built in the business world. We believe in working together, being inclusive, and always trying to do our best. As we go ahead, we are confident that our shared vision and commitment to providing excellent logistics services will help us accomplish even more great things.