Results 2023

Financial performance


2023 revenues and results were lower against previous year. The turnover was € 377 million, down from € 408 million in 2022, a drop of -7.5% (adjusted for falling diesel prices: -5%). The volume decrease is due to a weakening of European economies, in particular in trade, retail, construction and manufacturing. Solutions turnover shrank at a higher rate than International Transport.


Consolidated earnings before interest and taxation (EBIT) amounted to just under € 1 million, leading to a net loss of € -2.2 million. The contribution margin rose to 16.4%, up from 15.8% in 2022, as a result of implementation of cost reduction programmes and enhanced utilization of capacity subsequent some scaling-downs. Divestment of equipment generated book profits in various business lines. Organizational costs grew, although reduction programmes were initiated in the second half of the year in response to weakening markets and volumes. The measures implemented come to full effect in 2024.
Financial performance


Financial performance CF


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