Integrated sustainability program

Sustainability and the environment

We are committed to providing sustainable logistics solutions. We’re always looking for the most efficient and sustainable ways to get the best results for our customers. We strongly prefer to work with companies who also value sustainability. Examples include:

  • Developing new multimodal solutions;
  • Using LNG and bio-fuels;
  • Working closely with suppliers to reduce energy consumption and costs;
  • Having our warehouses BREEAM certified;
  • Testing and analyzing electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles;
  • Redesigning supply chains to be more sustainable;
  • Optimizing loads and reducing empty runs;
  • Increase the use of Eco Combis (25.25 meter long vehicle).


Emissions in 2019

Reduced use of multimodal transport and slightly lower loading efficiency due to changes in mix of transport and distribution activities led to a rise in CO2 emissions. In 2019 it increased from 0.0352 tonne/km to 0.0356, which is just short of our target for 2019. A higher level of activity and opening hours saw an increase in CO2 emissions per m2 in warehouses only, resulting in 5.79, up from 5.51 in 2018.

CO2 fleet

Multimodal transport

Multimodal transport is a vital element in Vos Logistics’ international mobility solutions. In recent years we have made substantial investments in multimodal equipment.In 2019, our overall percentage of multimodal transport was down from 23% to 20%. We did, however, increase the number of intermodal crossings by ferry due to our business to and from Sweden.


Carbon footprint of premises

In 2019, we continued to further reduce CO2 emissions from our buildings by installing solar panels on our warehouse in
Roosendaal. A large part of the roof surface of our Roosendaal warehouse is now covered with 1,560 solar panels, supplying
485,000 kWh per year. The slight increase in emissions per m2 is related to intensified activities and extended hours of operation.

CO2 premises

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