Financial performance


Vos Logistics achieved a turnover of €289.9 million in 2017 (2016: €276.2 million), an increase of 5%. After adjustment for higher average diesel prices and the mid-year divestment of our bulk activities in Spain, turnover was also 5% higher compared to 2016. In volume terms, Vos Logistics reported a limited advance. All core activities increased the scale of their operations. Rates remained competitive in all business lines during 2017. Quality of revenue remained stable. EBIT increased by 17% to €8.0 million. Net profit rose from €2.5 million to €3.5 million. In line with the increasing volumes, the direct contribution from operations increased modestly, although the contribution margin slightly declined. Indirect costs in relation to turnover continued their downward trend, driven mainly by the transition process of the international transport activities.



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