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When it comes to international transport, Sweden is not like any country. Simple facts like the enormous distance from North to South (2000 km), have its impact. Or what about the winters that can be considered ‘serious’ winters. Your drivers need to be well aware, trained and prepared. Your transport equipment needs to be suitable. But also very important, there needs to be a certain level of common knowledge within the whole organization to successfully and safely execute the transport. You certainly do not want your drivers getting stuck in -25° Celsius.


More practically you need to consider the entry and exit possibilities. The only road connection coming from the European ‘continent’ is the Øresund bridge between Denmark and Sweden. It wouldn’t go parallel with the ambitious Swedish targets, derived from their sustainable mindset, to have all European freight entered via this road. Much more environmental-friendly solutions have been initiated and developed over the years. Many ro-ro ferry or rail lanes connect the country with other European countries. But also conventional ship and train loads offer broad connection options deep into Sweden.


And how will the future look for the freight industry? Looking into the near future we see initiatives on renewable fuels, resulting into the first liquefied biogas (LBG) stations opening in Sweden for trucks, cars, ferries, buses in 2020. And what about the development of electric vehicles, rapidly approaching. Swedish car and truck manufacturers inevitably have it prioritized on their agendas. Not for nothing Europe’s largest and worlds’ greenest battery factory is constructed in Sweden.


At Vos Logistics our history with Sweden goes back for decades. We know and understand the geographical challenges in the country and the cultural expectations of the Swedish. With critically reviewed intermodal connections, new work being engineered as a part of our total network and a constant ambition to reduce our carbon footprint, you will not only just get a price for a transport. You may expect a real dialogue resulting in sustainable solutions for your international transport needs.  

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