Our Mission & Strategy

Who we are & what we believe.

We simplify. Whatever it takes.

Our Mission: Vos Logistics offers simplified solutions to complex logistical challenges in a creative and entrepreneurial manner. Making things simple, manageable and efficient for our clients is what we believe in. We simplify. Whatever it takes.

Our Strategy: 

Vos Logistics’ ambition is to deliver sustainable logistics solutions and transport services enabling our clients to develop their business, improve their service and reduce costs. We want to make a difference by remaining proactive and riding the waves of innovation and technological developments. With investments in digitization and Lean, we increase our organization’s effectiveness and service level and the pleasure our employees have in their work. In everything we do safety comes first.  

LeanOur sustainability strategy is an integral part of our operations and is also focused on external factors that optimize the flow of goods of our customers by offering cleaner and more efficient transport and logistics solutions:

  • Build partnerships with stakeholders who share our sustainability objectives;
  • Work closely with suppliers, for example, to reduce energy consumption and waste;
  • Use alternative fuels, load optimization, redesigning supply chains and multi-modal solutions together with our customers.

We want to offer our employees a great place to work, with a stimulating balance of professional challenges and job satisfaction. That is why we invest in the personal development and quality of our team of logistics specialists, drivers and support staff to enable them to perform optimally. We provide opportunities for self-development, encourage people to experiment with new solutions specially in collaboration with our customers. We expect our people to be enterprising and open to change.

"We consider it key to invest in the personal development and quality of our team of logistics specialists and support staff to enable them to perform optimally." 

Frank Verhoeven, CEO Vos Logistics 


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