Focus on health & safety

Employee satisfaction survey

In 2019 we carried out an employee satisfaction survey. Our workforce responded the 2019 survey in record numbers. 61% of employees responded. This is considerably higher than in previous years (53% in 2016). The survey results show that safety is rated as the most important factor of working life at Vos Logistics. The 2019 results also show that an increasing number of our employees would recommend Vos Logistics as an employer.

Labor market

Attracting and retaining qualified people remained a priority for Vos Logistics throughout 2019. While the labor market is  challenging, Vos Logistics has responded to the tough labor market climate with the creative, innovative and determined approach we are known for.

Training and development

In 2019, we offered a broad range of training opportunities, although the number of training hours across the company was slightly down from 2018. This was due to a range of factors including: more Code 95 training hours, safety training requirements were current and did not require refreshing, and a narrowed focus on Yellow Belt training are now available.


Vos Logistics puts safety first. Prevention and awareness are at the core of our safety policy. We make sure that every single
one of our people are aware of the risks involved in all facets of our business, whether it is in a warehouse, a workshop, an
office, on site or out on the road.


During 2019, Vos Logistics continued to provide employees with thorough training to ensure their health and safety. Next to that, as part of our continuing efforts to encourage a healthy lifestyle, Vos Logistics ran a successful pilot Health Week in 2019.




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