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Become a Vos Logistics Charter Member

Being a Vos Logistics Charter Member enhances your business and creates opportunities of sustainable growth in yet undiscovered fields.

Join Vos Logistics which is known for having:

  • Over 60 years of logistic knowledge and experience
  • More than 1,500 transport units
  • A network of almost 30 group-owned locations present in nine European countries
  • A social responsible and sustainable strategy.

Explore IT tools which opens new possibilities of truck management ensuring better usage and efficiency of dedicated resources. We work with state of the art communication systems which improves communications, safety and working conditions.

When you become a Vos Logistics Charter Member, you will drive for a wide range of reliable customers. Vos Logistics provides each customer with adequate and efficient logistics solutions that fully meet its costumer specific requirements. You will become a part of a network that covers the whole European market!

Vos Logistics strives for a constant and stable cooperation with their customers and its Charter Members, both based on long-term agreements. To cooperate with Vos Logistics means a cooperation with one of the biggest logistics companies that is focused on sustainable growth.

Becoming a Charter Member allows you to benefit from discounts and bonuses that give additional advantages to your development. Explore our Fuel and Insurance Custom Plan and our specially designed Training program for charters, that are developed to put Charters Members like you one step ahead of the competition!


Join Vos Logistics and discover a world of opportunities!

If you want to become a Vos Logistics Charter Member or have any questions, please use the form below to contact us or call us for details.


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