Vos Logistics implements HVO insetting for DPD Netherlands

As Vos Logistics continues to lead the way in sustainable transport solutions, we are proud to announce that we have implemented HVO insetting for our valued partner DPD Netherlands. Insetting is an innovative concept, yielding many advantages for the parties involved.

DPD, the international parcel delivery service, is committed to HVO insetting. Insetting is a method of funding climate protection initiatives that focus on the value chain of a company. By using HVO, we are able to actively reduce emissions instead of just offsetting them, making a significant contribution to our sustainability goals. We have recently switched to HVO for all of our DPD transports, which is a more sustainable option for their logistics needs. This change will result in an estimated 60% reduction in COemissions well-to-wheel, from the point of extraction to the point of use in the vehicle. This is a significant improvement compared to traditional diesel fuel and will have a positive impact on the environment.

Smart tracking
To ensure transparency and accountability, we have implemented a smart reporting and follow-up system. This system helps us track the implementation of HVO with DPD efficiently and effectively. We provide full transparency and proof for the use of HVO every month.

Henk-Jan van der Molen, Commercial Director International Transport at Vos Logistics: “Working with clients who share our passion for a better and more sustainable future is always a source of inspiration. It's amazing to see how our combined efforts can pave the way for a world that is more eco-friendly and sustainable for all.”

Maurice Loef, Director Linehaul at DPD Netherlands: “Our aim as a company is to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040 and this is a big step forward on the way, helping us to reduce our COemission and thus carbon footprint. Vos Logistics is the first carrier on international linehaul to apply insetting for us. Thanks to this, approximately 10% of our daily kilometers will be on HVO100. Furthermore, as sustainability is a top priority for us now and in the future, our joint decision to use HVO100 for DPD’s kilometers can influence the allocation of future linehaul. Thanks to this change, a significant part of our time-critical linehauls to Austria, Italy and France now produce significantly lower emissions, and we plan to extend this approach to other regions as well.”

Thinking ahead
At Vos Logistics, we are proud to lead the way in sustainable transport solutions. Our insetting approach offers an opportunity to expand the use of sustainable technologies and fuels, while maintaining flexibility to run an efficient network. Henk-Jan van der Molen: “The concept of insetting is very promising and has the potential to be deployed with even more of our clients. We remain committed to working alongside our partners to make insetting more accessible and continue to reduce emissions throughout the industry.”

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