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Sustainable transport solutions for the automotive industry.

Having worked for years in the automotive industry, we understand the dynamics of it. It’s about just-in-time, economics, sustainability, reliability and ultimate flexibility in unexpected situations. Failure is not an option. We are well connected with the major OEM’s and suppliers in the market. Our team of automotive specialists is simply available to optimize your supply chain.

Sustainable transport of automotive parts.

Looking for a sustainable way to transport automotive parts? We use special Eco-combi (LZV) to transport automotive parts. Combined with LNG operated trucks, your parts are transported in a sustainable and cost-efficient way.

Theft sensitive goods are covered.

Our Cuboliners® are specially designed to protect your goods against theft. Besides that, we follow special procedures en route to minimize the risk of theft with double manned trucks, 24-hour fleet management, secured parking etc.

Any part can be handled by us.

We are already specialists in delicate transport of truck cabins & tyres and we are looking for more. Do you need to transport other automotive parts, such as front bumpers or windows? This too can be done for you by Vos Logistics.

Want to know more? 

Want to learn more about transporting automotive parts? Contact us directly with your question or for a personal appointment. We’d love to tell you more about all kinds of ways to transport automotive parts.

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