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Letter from the Board of Management

Powered by our shared network, Vos Logistics navigated the challenges of 2022 and steered towards a satisfying year. Our revenue grew considerably due to increased business activities and compensation of higher costs. At the same time, the war in Ukraine and its consequences persist. But at Vos Logistics, we take care of each other.

In many ways, 2022 was a challenging year for the company. Covid lockdowns in the winter were immediately followed by soaring diesel prices because of the war in Ukraine and the new European Mobility Package that puts a strain on the efficiency and cost of international transport.

High demand, tight labour market

Demand for transport and storage remained high, which allowed us to compensate for increased costs of mainly fuel and labour. Our Solutions division benefited from strong growth in e-commerce, while re-opening after lockdowns also saw an uptick in retail distribution and warehousing. As a result of driver shortages some of our trucks stood idle. Moreover our International Transport division was confronted with disruptions in automotive logistics chains and volatile order patterns. From October onwards, we saw the demand for transport decrease while warehouses are full as a result of slowing economies....


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