Results 2022

Financial performance


2022 revenues and results were substantially enhanced against previous year. Turnover increased to over € 408 million, up from € 360 million in 2021. This growth is predominantly driven by fuel compensation, higher selling rates and increased warehouse activities. In line with our strategy, Solutions business grew faster than International Transport and accounts for almost 50% of our turnover. Higher diesel prices account for € 22 million revenue growth, predominantly attributable to International Transport.


Consolidated earnings before interest and taxation (EBIT) enhanced to just over € 4 million, leading to a net result of just over € 1 million. The contribution margin remained stable at 23%. The negative effect on EBIT from energy price developments amounts to € 1.7 million (2021: € 3.2 million minus). After the sudden diesel price surge in the first quarter, total impact turned out less severe as prices decreased again after summer. Also, our LNG trucks, warehouses and offices were confronted with significantly higher costs for natural gas and electricity. Indirect costs grew. Most of the increases are found in Solutions and ICT to cater for future business growth and strategy development.


Revenues and EBIT


Cashflow & DSO


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