Delivering your product to construction sites.

Distribution for suppliers within the construction industry.

Delivery to construction sites is a specialism we seek to further perfect. It’s all about just-in-time, specialized equipment and skilful & flexible drivers who can cope with a wide variety of different situations.

At Vos Logistics, we are well aware that we act as an extension of your organization and that logistics is a critical part of your proposition, which is why we act with the greatest care.

Building the future with Vos Logistics 

We have a great deal of expertise and experience in transportation for the construction industry and offer both, customer dedicated and flexible transport capacity. Our concrete mixers operate in The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium, with a load capacity of 13,5 m3


Our high-volume equipment can be used to move and temporary store building materials such as insulation. Our swap bodies are available for rent. Due to the fact that they can be dropped off nearly anywhere, they are ideal for transporting and storing various materials directly at your construction sites. 

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What can we do for your business? 

Do you want more information about our distribution solutions for the construction industry? Contact one of our logistics experts directly for a tailor-made solution for your business! 

Complex logistics challenges?
Bring it on.

 We simplify. Whatever it takes.

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