High Volume

Road trains for transport and storage of your goods.

Endless possibilities on the road and at your location.

In need of space for temporary on-site storage? High Volume products that need to be delivered to your customers? No problem!

Our core activity is transportation and renting out SWAP bodies for loose and packed goods in Full Truck Loads by road.

Our specially designed road trains carry 2 SWAP bodies of 58 m3 each. With our fleet of over 1,500 High Volume SWAP bodies, we are one of the biggest high volume hauliers in Europe. Our high volume equipment is particularly convenient in the area of industrial packaging, insulation materials and textile recycling. Are you working with other products? Contact us to find out if we can facilitate your type of product.


In the past years we have developed the CuBoTainer® concept which provides hard-sided interiors in tautliner loading spaces. This concept guarantees the fixed form and shape of the loading space, while the concept is also certified according to NEN12642XL and TÜV-Nord. This concept proves to be a convenient solution for many shippers, especially when loading loose goods.

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Rent our high volume equipment for extra storage space

Our high volume equipment is fit for transporting your products in a safe and controllable manner. You can also rent our high volume trailers. They can be used as a temporary storage, for example between your production site and your distribution centre. That way, you save inside storage space and benefit from advantages in terms of flexibility, fastness and cost-effectiveness. Some of our customers use the CuBoTainers® for collecting second hand textiles upon location.


Length 7.825 m + 7.825 m, Width:  2.45 m, Height: 2.95 m, Volume: 115 m3; 38 euro-pallets or 28 industrial pallets


Want to know more about high volume?

Do you want to know more about high volume and about how it can simplify your business? Or perhaps you are interested in renting your own SWAP bodies for additional storage space? Please let us know, we’ll tell you all about it.

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