Transport by Road

Combining road transport with other modalities.

Multimodal transport as vital element in our international mobility solutions.

By making use of different transport modalities, your goods can be transported throughout Europe in an efficient and sustainable manner. If available and suitable we combine road transport with other modalities.

Our sustainability strategy for the coming years is sharply focused on external factors that optimize the flow of goods of our customers by offering cleaner and more efficient transport and logistics solutions. Our aim is to:

  • Build partnerships with stakeholders with common objectives in relation to sustainability;
  • Work closely with suppliers, for example, to reduce energy consumption and waste;
  • Look at alternative fuels, load optimization, redesigning supply chains and multi-modal solutions together with our customers.

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Increase in multimodal transport

Multimodal transport is a vital element in Vos Logistics’ international mobility solutions. It is an efficient and flexible combination of road transport with other modalities (rail and sea). As a matter of policy, all of our new equipment must be suitable for multimodal transport.

Multimodal solutions were used to carry over 25% of all international shipments in 2016. We will continue to focus on raising the percentage of multimodal transport, as it significantly reduces our carbon footprint and enables us to combine available modalities flexibly and thereby optimize our customer service.

Want to learn more about multimodal road transport?

Want to learn more about road transport as a multimodal solution? Let us know! A dedicated team of professionals is ready to tell you more about road transport and other multimodal transport.

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