Rail transport with our bulk and packed trailers.

Sustainable transport.

Rail transport: a smart and clean solution. Depending on routings, destinations, lead times or type of cargo rail transport can be a cost-effective, safe and sustainable way of transporting your cargo.

We offer intermodal and multimodal transport solutions on various destinations using our own fleet, accompanied by a wide network of trusted partners.

Our new generation mega trailers are designed to be handled by cranes.

We have approved equipment for railways to tranship your goods from station to station; this could be either a standalone trailer or a complete combination. Transport times are short when moving goods by rail and a wide variety of countries can be reached using the railroad network. Rail transport is a smart solution for transporting large volumes efficiently and quickly.


Rail routes well known by us (both ways):

Packed  Bettembourg (LU)  Le Boulou (FR)
Packed Zeebrugge (BE) Ludwigshafen (DE)
Packed Köln (DE) Domodossola (IT)
Bulk & Packed Calais (FR) Le Boulou (FR), Folkstone (UK)
Packed Novara (IT) Genk (BE), Köln (DE), Ludwigshafen (DE), 
Rotterdam (NL), Zeebrugge (BE) 
Bulk  Orbassano (IT) Aiton-Chambery (FR) 
Packed Verona (IT) Genk (BE), Rotterdam (NL)
Packed Malmö (SE) Coevorden (NL)



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