Roy Schuurmans
Handling & Storage Expert
Barge, Inland Waterways

Transporting your cargo along inland waterways.

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Being located next door to a harbor means easy access to inbound waterway solutions. Our terminals in Oss (NL) and Lyon (FR) are both located in the proximity of inland waterways.

Transport on inland waterways (barging) is a great alternative for road transport or rail transport. Inland shipping is a reliable and safe way of transporting your cargo. Barging is a cost-effective transport method with low CO2 emissions per ton which also makes it sustainable.

Barging can be used as a part of your supply chain to transport your products from large ports to smaller ports connected to our terminals, such as the port in Oss (NL) or Lyon (FR).

Our terminals are connected to the largest European ports:

  • Antwerp (Belgium)
  • Fos-sur-Mer (France)
  • Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

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Want to learn more about barging as a multimodal solution for your supply chain? Let us know! A dedicated team of professionals will tell you more about barging and other multimodal transport.

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