Erik van Dee
Logistics Solutions Expert
Air Freight

If it needs to be fast, we simply move your goods by air.

We manage your urgent cargo.

Our team in Barendrecht (NL) will take care of your intercontinental cargo movements.

If the urgency of your shipment requires airfreight service, we work closely together with a team of experts located at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

Short transit times and fast product handling

Based on product, destination, lead-time and economics we find out what will be the best options and airlines to move your goods through the air. Based on your requirements we can organize your shipments door-to-door including customs clearance.  

The mix of intercontinental and European freight-forwarding services with our own fleet of container trucking & load capacity and our European distribution centers enables us to offer a true World Wide Solution for your logistic challenges.

Want to learn more about air freight management?

Want to learn more about air transport as a multimodal solution? Let us know! A dedicated team of professionals is ready to tell you more about air transport and other multimodal transport.

Challenging transport requests?
Bring it on.

 We simplify. Whatever it takes.

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