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Logistics solutions for textiles, silt & general waste.

What is waste for one, is of value to the other. A wide range of materials can be recycled and reused. If you are in the business of recycling of waste, we offer logistics and transport solutions that fit your needs.


Our High Volume road trains match the needs of the recycling industry. Especially loose goods like textiles are used for recycling. Our CuBoTainers® and Swap body trailers can be used as storage space for collecting textiles and second hand clothes; when they are full you simply give us a phone-call and we swap the full trailer for an empty one. The full trailer will be delivered at a destination of your request according to the required licence to transport waste. 


Sustainable growth managed together

To reach our goals for a greener environment we cooperate with organisations such as the SOEX Group and Boer Group.

The concept of the certified swap bodies fits perfectly in our logistics and provides us with much agility. Because Vos Logistics recognizes their part of the current recycling sector, they are truly engaged in waste management, which offers us unlimited possibilities to extend our business together.

SOEX Group

Through the sophisticated logistics network, it is possible with Vos Logistics to move several 1,000 tons of used textiles. This is done more professionally and in compliance with legal requirements.

BOER Group


We also support the recycling of organic waste. In our tank trailers we transport slurry goods like silt, mostly collected at water companies. Silt is actually an important source of fertilizer and contributes to a greener world.

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