Handling your Resins & Powders.

International distribution for industrial organizations.

Moving raw materials, semi-finished products or simply replenishing products from your warehouse to shop are among our strengths. Based on your distribution profile and service levels, we design the optimal solution.

We optimize payloads and empty running. Where possible we also connect your loads with those of others.  It’s our ambition to optimize your cost levels, while at the same time lowering CO2 emissions.

Network, customized or dedicated?

If our generic network does not provide the right solutions for your requirements, we create a customized or dedicated solution for you. If investments are required in specialized equipment, drivers or systems, or you require us to take over your fleet and connected staff, our logistics engineers will build up business cases in which the advantages and disadvantages of different solutions are compared.


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  • Longtime experience in Petrochemicals logistics
  • Operating according to CEFIC Standards.
  • SQAS certified operations. 
  • BBS trained drivers.
  • Committed to the ECTA Responsible Care program. 

More information? 

Do you want more information about our solutions for industrial organizations? Contact one of our logistics experts directly for a tailor-made solution for your business! 

Complex logistics challenges?
Bring it on.

 We simplify. Whatever it takes.

Contact us directly.

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