Erik van Dee
Logistics Solutions Expert
High-tech & Electronics

Detailed knowledge of the high-tech & electronics industry.

Keeping up with rapidly developing demands.

The high-tech & consumer electronics industry is facing challenges: product availability, inventory management and competitive pricing. Outsourcing your logistics can help you to deal with these challenges.

This is why many high-tech manufacturers and distributors have entrusted their logistics operations to Vos Logistics. At Vos Logistics, we understand that the time to market your merchandise is key for success.

Due to the high value, demands for security, accuracy as well as speed and flexibility of handling and distribution are high. Also the possibility for bonded storage, in-depth knowledge of customs are key for your industry. Vos Logistics offers logistic solutions and value added services that help maximizing the efficiency of your supply chain and improving processes. Our services include for example:

  • Secured storage and special deliveries of consumer electronics (including installation at home).
  • Value added services, like configuration of high-end data storage systems in a dedicated cleanroom.
  • Theft secured international transport for high-valued electronics

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