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Lovos: Efficiency at its maximum

Close cooperation between Business and IT

Lovos: Efficiency at its maximum

Through the years, Vos Logistics has developed itself into an innovative logistics provider. The innovative power of Vos Logistics is partly achieved through our state of the art IT-services. All this of course with the goal to provide our customers with the highest quality services. 

Goods flows generate information-flows between and within information systems. Vos Logistics combines the best of breed software BluJayCALCodaStreamserve Axway Integration Broker, CarrierWeb and with various in-house developed information systems, with Lovos Transport Management System as the most prominent one.

In-house developed Information Lovos TMS 
Lovos supports the departments of customer service-, planning-, fleet management and administration of more than 20 offices in Europe. This in order to utilize our transport capacity to the maximum. The transportation orders we receive from our clients are being processed within Lovos. The shipment orders are transmitted to the drivers' onboard computers. Status messages from the driver are being displayed on the planning board Lovos in real-time,  then the client is informed electronically.

There are still many useful applications in Lovos which are not available in most other standard transport management systems.

CAL Perfect tracking and tracing
Vos Logistics uses CALwms 400 to manage its public warehouses. This system receives orders electronically, checks them against available stocks and passes them on to order pickers via handheld- and forklift terminals. CAL's VAL module guarantees that every outgoing order meets the recipient's specific demands. Customers can track each shipment perfectly via Vos Logistics' website by means of the shipment and serial numbers or even RF-ID.

Close cooperation between Business and IT 
Logistics is in continuous motion. That's why our colleagues in business and IT cooperate closely to achieve innovation, often in multidisciplinary teams with our clients.

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