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We deliver packaged goods throughout Europe and are at the forefront of sustainable solutions for national and international transport. Specialist in challenging areas: automotive, service parts, consumer and industrial manufacturing and process industry. More about packed


We provide national and international transport, storage and handling of your cargo, powders as well as granules. Our focus lies on food, minerals and petrochemicals. With a combination of the latest technology and a human approach, we work on your success. More about Bulk

Why Vos Logistics?

  • Driving your success; focus on your customers supported by IT backbone.
  • Full supply chain solution for bulk goods: transport from A to B and added values like storage and handling.
  • Innovation & Quality: Strong Focus on Food, Minerals and Petrochemicals, certified ISO/GMP+ standards.
“Our partnership with Vos Logistics is very valuable to us” Tony Correira - Cotra Logistics Solutions BV Read more

“Our partnership with Vos Logistics is very valuable to us”

Tony Correira - Cotra Logistics Solutions BV
Working together with Vos Logistics is pleasant in every way. They have proven to be a reliable partner with all the necessary knowledge of our delicate products. But first and foremost, they actively help us in finding the right solutions for our business.

Why Vos Logistics?

  • With our customized solutions for packed goods we work with you to achieve your goals.
  • With years of experience, proven quality and continuous support by IT-backbone you are assured of quality.
  • We are at the forefront of sustainable solutions for international transport.
“Working together with Vos Logistics has been very good.” Hubert Franck – Michelin Read more

“Working together with Vos Logistics has been very good.”

Hubert Franck – Michelin
We share the same vision and strategy in terms of efficiency. Michelin and Vos Logistics actively search for the best carriers and loaders to lower the price per kilometer and new strategies are seamlessly implemented into the process.

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What we can do for you?

  • Personal communication

    1. Personal communication

    Our order management is supported by a state of the art IT system with real-time connection to our drivers.
  • Dry-bulk transport

    2. Dry-bulk transport

    Loading Food, petrochemicals, Feed and Minerals at your plant when it suits you best.
  • Port Connections

    3. Port Connections

    We are directly connected through the waterways with the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Marseille. Especially suitable for dry-bulk import flows.
  • Storage and Handling

    4. Storage and Handling

    Besides transport we take care of (safety) stock, debagging, blending and loading your product according to high quality standards. Expanding your flexibility.
  • Satisfied customers

    5. Satisfied customers

    We deliver throughout Europe and always listen to the needs of your customers.

What can we do for you?

  • International mega trailer transport

    1. International mega trailer transport

    Our trailers for international transport offer lots of cargo space with a capacity of 100 m3.
  • Large volume transport

    2. Large volume transport

    We transport and rent swap containers for loose and packed goods. We also provide mobile storage. Our combinations carry two containers with separate content of 58m3. Total floor length 15.60 m and content 116m3.
  • Sustainable Solutions

    3. Sustainable Solutions

    We do everything to reduce our impact on the environment to an absolute minimum. Think of maximum load factor, minimizing empty mileage, alternative fuels such as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and intermodal solutions.
  • Quality Focus

    4. Quality Focus

    We constantly put our services under scrutiny and share the results with you in clear KPI dashboards. This is the basis that helps us further improve.
  • Special services

    5. Special services

    Think for example of a double crew, providing dedicated solutions and the 24/7 support capabilities of our customer service.

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