Integrated sustainability program

Our integrated sustainability program helps us reduce our carbon footprint year after year and ensures a cleaner and more efficient supply chain. We set ourselves specific environmental goals and help our customers realize theirs. Innovation is a key driver.

When developing new products and services, we opt for ‘green’ logistics services and technologies that reduce both our CO2 emissions and our energy consumption. Here’s how:

  • Sustainable transport solutions (Roadtrain, Ecocombi, Multimodal, LNG trucks, Electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles). 
  • Strong focus on lowering fuel consumption and reducing empty runs.  
  • Sustainable warehouses (BREEAM certified).
  • Minimal environmental impact of our transport solutions.
  • Long term partnerships with our customers.
  • Close cooperation with suppliers to reduce energy consumption and waste.  
  • Together with customers, we look at alternative fuels, optimize loads, redesign supply chains, etc.


Improvements in transport sustainability
We again successfully reduced our CO2 emissions in 2018, to 0.0346 kg per metric ton/kilometer, just below target (0.0344). We rejuvenated the fleet by decreasing Euro 5 trucks and increasing the number of Euro 6 trucks by 400. The % of Euro 5 trucks still increased though due to the acquisitions of Gehlen Schols and Joosten.



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